Domain Monetizing - How to Monetize Your Domains

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Monetize Domains. Increase Domain Parking Revenue

Tired of domain name parking with no revenues? Getting low traffic to your parked domains? Looking to optimize your domains? Troubled with the same problems, I was looking for some domain monetizing ideas. I am sure that after reading this article you will gain a new perspective to domain monetizing. Domain monetizing is really possible if you have a concrete well planned strategy. Read on and you will surely benefit from my experience and soon be able to monetize domains and make money from your existing domain names.

Initially, having my domains parked with other providers seemed like a wonderful idea. However, after a while,looking at the dismal ad revenue generated on these parked domains, it was disappointing. The average income from my parked domains was barely $1 per month. There was no traffic..and literally no domain parking revenue. A total waste of domain potential.

To top it all, domain parking services have their own set of stringent rules. So whether it is free domain parking or cheap domain parking,lets just analyze a few of the rules. Conditions which make it really tough to monetize domains.

  1. You cannot place your own ads
  2. You cannot make changes or edit your site content except for some keywords
  3. Inability to promote your site.

Domain Parking Review

Thinking on these priority lines made me start looking around for something that could monetize my parked domains.I started looking for the best domain parking site or alternative to domain parking. How could I own a domain and choose my own ad network. How could I get my site indexed to garner quality traffic. How could I own a domain which wasn’t just a landing page with a ton of links that most people, love to ignore. In short, what was the best cheapest alternative to monetize domains.

The need was for a solution where I could have my domain indexed by search engines, have flexibility of editing my domain content and maybe even run some affiliate ads to make more revenue.This was when I happened to read about WhyparkWhypark is now 100% FREE to join. Whypark was recently acquired by You can now opt for a fantastic Yahoo search feed integrated into your whypark sites. Making money from your whypark sites is now even more attractive.

Whypark is a content parking program. Simply put, content parking is parking your sites with text content in it. Whypark offers loads of topics to choose from. For example, if you have a site based on lasik eye surgery, you can choose your keyword “lasik” and have hundreds of related articles appear on your site in minutes. Take an example of myLasik Site. I have added some images to make the site look even better and retain visitors. And the best part is, you don’t need to be an HTML expert to make changes. All you need to do is get a free image hosting account like photobucket, upload your pictures and link them to your Whypark sites. As easy as that. You can even change your top header with some beautiful images that make your site stand apart.

Other Unique Why Park Features

Another great feature with Whypark is that you can change the layout of your site. You can even decide to add your own content.  You can edit your site, change the colors, the theme, run ads on it, run affiliate program ads and a whole lot more. The whypark custom Article builder lets you add your own articles at any time. You can now even specify how many articles you wish to appear on your homepage.

You can choose your ad network. For example, I am using Yahoo Publisher Network on the Lasik site. I am also using affiliate programs on other websites.The flexibility of monetizing options is amazing.

Another superb aspect of Whypark is that they have your sitemap verification link ready to submit to search engines. No more pain creating your own sitemap.When you add your domain to the control panel, it automatically creates your sitemap file. You can submit this sitemap to Google to help get indexed even faster. Sitemaps can be resubmitted to Google each time you update your site content. This way, the search engine spiders can come back to your site to index your new fresh content. Unique content is king for domain monetization. Adding your own articles can work wonders in getting higher search engine rankings.

More Useful Whypark Features

1) Add RSS feeds, add your TLA’s (Text Link Ads) or sell your TLA’s. There is no limit to how much money you want to make.

2) Add your stats counter and track your site performance.

3) Based on your keyword chosen, whypark keeps rotating various fresh new content on your site.

4) Add custom pages to your site whenever you want

5) Various templates to choose from.

6) Build even more value by later selling text link ads on your sites.

7) As your site matures and develops good backlinks, you can gain a higher PR (page rank). This helps search engines place your site higher for various search queries.

A Whypark Performance Review

After a month with content parking, lets see what I gained.

1) All domains indexed by search engines. With traditional domain parking, you can literally forget about search engines finding your site without any content

2) Different ad networks on my sites together with other affiliate ads. Makes perfect domain monetizing.

3) Ease of editing content and creating own unique content. Even if you dont know any Html, you can stick to the standard template and still run your ads on it. Some basic HTML knowledge can surely work wonders.

4) My domains have more selling power than a static parked page. I am confident of getting a decent PR on all my sites after a while. My domains are already more lucrative to sell in the future.

5) Many of my sites now have a good Page Rank. This in itself is a huge bonus as I can now get a solid return when I decide to sell my domain.

Cons with Whypark

Whypark is superb for people who own many domains. Best for someone with many domains lying idle. Not a great idea if you have just one or two domains.

There is some effort involved if you have a domain which receives no traffic. To build traffic on such domains, you would have to build links via free directories and other sites.These links would be very useful to drive quality traffic to your site.There are many free web directories where you can submit your site links.

Most importantly, remember that its not just that you join Whypark, add your domains, and the traffic pours in. You have to make a conscious effort to monetize your domains. Just having articles on your site doesn’t imply that traffic is bound to arrive. You have to slowly start adding your own content, choose a mix of ad networks and maximize the potential. This would ensure that you make an investment for a lifetime.It would also increase your domain selling power at a later stage.

Monetizing Tips for Parked Domains

Many people are stuck with low CTR’s (Click Through Rates) and low CPC’s. To increase your CPC (Cost per Click) it is important to research your keyword. Make sure that you have a high paying keyword with lesser competition. A keyword like “Debt Consolidation” would definitely give you a higher CPC than a keyword like “Pottery”. Make sure to align your site keyword with what visitors are actually looking for. If you have a domain and are unsure of where the traffic is coming from, use tools like the Seologs backlinks analyzer. This helps you identify backlinks to your site. For example, you may have purchased a domain which had previous links. Once you explore your backlinks, you can easily analyze what your visitors are looking for. Based on this information, you can make appropriate keyword changes.

A Final Word

Remember, for the top domain parking monetization, carefully research your keyword. It is also important to have a keyword rich short meta description for your site. Use valuable tools like Wordtracker to research your keyword. Target a niche keyword and try to build good articles around your keyword. Do your research. That would help your site to stand out and pull traffic to it.

I hope this article has given you a new insight into a great alternative to domain parking monetizing. I am,just like you, trying to make the most of my investments. I am sure that what has helped me can help many others out there who are stuck with traditional domain parking. Domain parking monetization is vital. I made an informed change and it helped me improve my revenues. I hope to see you making good decisions and good revenue soon.

Good luck in your domain monetizing quest. For more information on Whypark visit the Whypark Website . If you need any more optimizing tips on WhyPark, please feel free to Contact me.


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